Current Listings

Orange Blossom Fellowship Community offers approx. 80 mobile home lots for lease as well as approx. 10 lots for RV's. We offer a limited number of lots for doublewides with a lakefront view.

We are proud of our attractive park and the neatness of the homes. Following is a current listing of the available homes for sale. We would love to schedule a showing for you. All homes sold are done by a licensed mobile home broker. If you have any questions, please call the office or email or call 863-449-1147.

Note: We have two sites left for single wide mobile Homes. Please contact us for more information.

BUYERS NOTICE - The homes listed below are for sale through a Florida state licensed mobile home broker approved by the park. If you are purchasing from a private seller you must still be approved by the park. Also, be sure to do "due dilligence" to make sure you are not paying more than what the home is worth.


Lot 66 - New Listing -  This is a 2004 Nobility home that is 44X24 with an added carport, screen porch and laundry room. This lakeside home is in a high demand location and will sell quick. This 2/2 home is spacious with a large living room and dining room combined. It features an eat in kitchen that includes all appliances and cookware!

This is a furnished home, just bring your clothes, bedding and towels! The roof was installed in 2017 and the A/C was recently serviced and blows cold air! Hot water tank was installed approx. eight years ago. The home has beautiful plants around the home and also includes a 10x18 finished shed. WOW, large enough to be a man cave! 

The laundry room is just off of the computer work area and has a matched washer and dryer which works great. The screen porch is a nice place to sit in the evening and watch the ducks swim on the lake. The village offers various activities and there is a CCCU Church in the village.    

Please note: The family of the owner is selling many of the collectibles in the home. All the items in the photos may not be representative of what will remain in the home. We have tried to keep those items out of the pictures. The owner of the home is in a care facility.

The home will need the floor in the master bath replaced as well as a small area in the computer room. All floor coverings will need to be replaced at some point. This would be a great home for someone with some carpentry skills. There are a couple of local persons who do this type of repair.

The low monthly lot rent with utilities is $210. This includes water, trash and sewer. 

This home is being offered for the BEST cash offer over $35,000.  No offers less than this amount will be considered. The family will review bids by November 10th. They reserve the right to end receiving offers at any time. All offers must be accompanied with a $1,000 deposit. No financing is available on this home. All buyers must be approved by the village. Contact 863-449-1147 for more information.


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